Residential Air Conditioning Installation

Residential Installation

Finance a Residential Air Conditioning System
No one plans for large repair costs or having to replace their A/C. We proudly offer FTL Financing for those unexpected Repairs or Replacement costs.

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There are basically four types of air condition systems

  1. Split System (the most common) Inside the house (garage, attic, closet) is the Air Handler, which removes heat and moisture from the air. This is connected to ducts that distribute cold air throughout the house. Outside the house is the Condenser, which releases the heat, and the compressor, which pumps refrigerant between the two coils. This type of system is the most economical to install in a house with a central furnace.
  2. Heat Pumps ( a variation of the split system) pumps heat from the house and releases it outside. In the wintertime, it extracts heat from the outdoor air and uses it to warm the house. Because of that, heat pumps can be used effectively for both heating and cooling in mild climates.
  3. Package Unit combines the Air Handler and Condenser into one. When combined with a set of heating coils or a natural gas furnace, it eliminates the need for a separate furnace inside the building.
  4. Ductless mini-split is an alternative for homes with out duct work. Like the split system this offers an outdoor condenser with one or more air handling units. Each indoor unit is installed in a separate room and cools that room only, much like a window air conditioner

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